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Album Release: Kerosene, Matches and Time by The Happy Pill Academy

The Happy Pill Academy - Kerosene, Matches and Time

Happily and proudly flaunting its lack of an oxford-comma in a show of post-modernist wry irony, Kerosene, Matches and Time is the debut album from London-based band The Happy Pill Academy.

The album has been released to, and is available on most digital music download stores and streaming sites worldwide as of now.

The Happy Pill Academy specialize in sometimes poignant, sometimes funny, sometimes gut-wrenching songs of heartache, heartbreak, love found, love lost, and love-gone-stale… and with a wee smidgeon of cross-dressing thrown in for good measure.

Kerosene, Matches and Time isn’t for every listener, but for those who indulge in lofi alternative/indie sounds, it rewards with every minute of its running time.

Press and Reviews for Kerosene, Matches and Time

“An album of whimsical thought and lo-fidelity production that will either have you running for the hills or delightedly spending the roughly forty two minutes of its duration in quiet appreciation […] this isn’t the last time I will be keen to share new material by The Happy Pill Academy.

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Kerosene, Matches and Time is performed, written and composed by Matthew Guy Ibbs, the solo-artist behind The Happy Pill Academy, and is released on the Seattle-based Foxxy Music label.


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